The story of ZenSushi began a while ago and is based on the passion for Japanese food, for harmony of taste and for things done the right way.

At the heart of this story there are two guys – Iulian and Andrei, who wanted to bring the true taste of Japanese meals to Romania and to raise the quality standards in this niche. They have also made these products far more accessible to people, without compromising the quality of ingredients.

Their first contact with sushi was back in the early 2000s, when they both worked at Tokyo Restaurant in Bucharest.

In 2009, Iulian decided to open up its own Japanese restaurant, a place that would have good food made with premium ingredients. He was determined not to repeat the mistakes he noticed in the former jobs. He called Andrei to join him and together they have started on what seemed to be at first a crazy journey.

So they have opened up their first restaurant in Serban Voda Street, in a place that formerly worked as a pub. They have worked together, playing as construction workers, architects or even plumbers.

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