ZenSushi Militari

Open in the fall of 2020, ZenSushi Militari is the sixth ZenSushi place and the second take way one. It also can host up to 10 people, but this is a place where you mostly pick up phone or online orders or you take your food to go. 

This is the hub for orders coming from areas from the western part of Bucharest or neighbouring towns like Rosu, Chiajna or Bragadiru – up to the Ringroad area. So if you live in neighbourhoods like Militari, Drumul Taberei, or Crangasi, this is the spot where you can place your order when you crave ZenSushi. Thus, the orders in this part of the city will be delivered much quicker. 

ZenSushi Militari is on 92B Uverturii Bvd.

As a take away place, it is not suitable for events and also, it doesn’t have an outside patio. ZenSushi Militari is the perfect place to get a healthy meal fast and enjoy it in the comfort of your home or at the office. Come visit us or order your favorite sushi!Come visit us !

Order from the Delivery Menu or visit our restaurant for a full ZenSushi experience !

Address: 92B Uverturii Bvd., District 6

Phone: +40 721 848 929

Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:00-22:30 / Sun 12:00-22:00

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