ZenSushi Pipera

ZenSushi Pipera was opened in the summer of 2021, all set to welcome residents from the Voluntari area and more.

Having a pleasant and bright atmosphere, this place can accommodate up to 30 persons in total, out of which 12 outside, on the patio.

ZenSushi Pipera is located in Voluntari, on 67 Erou Iancu Nicolae street, inside Strip Mall.

Smaller events can be organized here, inside, and outside as well, as this area is dedicated to socialising and promenade.

We also can provide parking for our customers.

Toddlers and babies are also welcome, as we can provide high chairs.

ZenSushi Pipera also can receive order for delivery in Cosmopolis, Voluntari, Tunari, Otopeni, Balotesti, Corbeanca, Petresti, Ostratu, Tamasi, Odaile and Dimieni.

Order from the Delivery Menu or visit our restaurant for a full ZenSushi experience !

Address: Str. Erou iancu Nicolae 67, Strip Mall

Phone:+40 733 355 709

Opening Hrs.: L-S 12:00-23:00 / D 12:00-22:30

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